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February 2010: Social Media Week Berlin
I had the great chance to be part of this event – Social Media Week – , which took place simultanioesly in 6 cities all over the world. (NewYork, San Francisco, Toronto, Sao Paolo, London, Berlin). Here in Berlin it was organized by a bunch of great people, who get it done within such a small amount of time. A very inspiring week of social media topics for more than 1000 people live at the workshops, conferences, panels, breakfasts etc… and even more watched it via Zaplive.de. You can watch all recorded sessions here.
I took actively part on tuesday, where I was responsible for the music and some tech stuff at the Festsaal Kreuzberg.

And had my own session on friday, where I hat some great people around me to talk about:

Social Media will change everything? The experts in this
round will let us have a look into their visions of the future. (Musik, Games, TV)
Alexander Ljung (Soundcloud)
Anna Ufer (Play.FM)
Yousef Hammoudah (MTV)
Sasha Perera (Jahcoozi)
Stephan Bode (Game.One)
Eva Kiltz (VUT Berlin)

Sascha Perera, Anna Ufer, Alex Ljung, Yousef Hammoudah, Stephan bode

Eva Kiltz, Alex Ljung


The room at MTV was packed with nearly 100 people, they all came all the long way out to listen to this expert round. My aim as the moderator was NOT to do again the google / Gema bashing, i was more focussed on the positive aspects of social media in the future of entertainment. We ended after nearly 2,5 hours and people still stayed there to discuss things. Great!
Yousef gave us a quick view about his vision in regards to hardware AND software with social media integration (Keynote)
Anna from Play.FM: “Download and Stream became equivalent” (Keynote)
Sascha from Jahcouzi was explaining her duty on social media as a musician
Stephan, the games expert startet his extremely powerful präsentation with something like: Farmville are the new Ringtones…. (Keynote)
Eva expressed her wish to have more specialized people she wants to trust while finding new music etc (Keynote)
Alex from Soundcloud explained the future of all as LEGO concept, where you can choose all the parts by yourself, but all will somehow fit together

Here is the complete 2,5!! session of this talk:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

A2N Berlin 09: Panel: “Wie gehts eigentlich meinem Lieblingsplattenladen”

This is the video to the panel: “How is my fave record store doing these days” i held on the A2N conference in Berlin last year september. All videos and interviews here: A2N

Digital Distributor: Finetunes (Ellen Vorac)
Label: Gomma Records (Manuel Kim),
Record Shop: OYE Records (Marcus Lindner),
Digi Store: Juno Download (Nick Unsworth)
Distribution: Good to Go (Mathias Böttcher),

The main goal we achived here in the discussion was that for the first time all parts of the “chain” of selling music where sitting together and exchange future ideas

Vodpod videos no longer available.
more about “A2N09 – Panel: Wie geht es eigentlich…“, posted with vodpod

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