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April 15, 2010

The wonderful thing about having a guest room is the possibility to share not only the flat, also share ideas and thoughts about streetart, life and music. This does not happen with every guest, of course, but sometimes it works out well. Earlier this year I had the pleasure to host a young musician called Telekineses, he composed some songs for his new album  here in Berlin. And last weeks guest in my house was the artist Luke Ramsey, he was was invited to participate at the Pictoplasma Festival to give a lecture about his work and live on a small Canadian Island called Pender Island:

“My partner Ange and I operate Islands Fold, an artist residency located on Pender Island, B.C, Canada. We invite artists to our residency free of charge. We collaborate, promote health and well being, and produce unique art and publish zines. Islands Fold is sustained through public support by purchasing the publications and art we sell online.”

Here is the website of Island Fold where you can see and buy all the things, he and his collaboration partners have created. If you are located in Berlin, you can see some of his things at the “Pen and Paper ” exhibition (artSpace Gallery – Linienstr. 109 – unitl 24th of April)
While he was here, he created a picture, which he gave away for free at his speech. The person who got it, was choosen by a paper plane, which flew from the balkony into the audience. Nice Idea. In his speech he talked about the development of his different characters, the collaborations with other artists but also about the need to slow down the daily things.
And he left a nice drawing on my wall:

Luke Ramsey

UPDATE: Here is another post about his lecture at Pictoplasma in Berlin —->

Picture of the Day:

April 7, 2010

Teufelsberg (Berlin Grunewald), former US monitoring station

View from Teufelsberg - former US monitoring station (Berlin Grunewald)

View from Teufelsberg - former US monitoring station (Berlin Grunewald)

Streetart: “I’m just another brick in the wall”

December 13, 2009

Wanted to use this as (blog) header, since i found it (summer 2009)  “I’m just another brick in the wall”,

great piece, seen on a walk around Stattbad Wedding. My friend Jambi put a nice sliceshow on his blog: see here. Thats’s where I found my Twitter icon:

Twitter Pic (Berlin, around Stattbad Wedding)

here is the signatur: you know the artist? please holler

Twitter Pic Signatur

more sources on streetart / urbanart:

Wooster Collective
Just Blogsport – Berlin based Streetart / Urbanart Blog

Streetart Berlin Blog – Berlinpiraten
Reclaim your city . net
Gassenhauer – Reclaim everything

this list will be updated frequently

this is streetart: illegal group exhibition:

October 23, 2009

Illegal adbusting groupexhibition in Berlin. Citylight Poster between Neukölln and Alexanderplatz where busted. Artists: F.A, Filippo Minelli, Emilie Maidon, Jonathan Chaillou, Jerome Fino, Tanguy Samzun, Akim, Laurent Basset, Ola Boden, Emile Parchemin, Zasd, Evol, Bronco, Brad Downey, Nicolas Lachambre, Boxi, David Rych, Brian Reffin Smith, Julien Fargetton.

via: rebel:art

Stattbad Wedding – Exhibition: No More Sugar For The Monkey

May 12, 2009


Great! These guys also did the great Urban Affairs Exhibition last year at the brewery Landsberger Str.

Its more about the location as there is not too much art in. You walk through very dark and tiny corridors in the basement, surrounded by scary noises and darkness with some strob-lights. But the main thing is, and here it comes: its a perfect party location! reminded me about Tresor (yes, the old one). The perfect place for a dubstep!! party. Lets see what kinda music they play at the 30st of may at the finissage. hope not the usual mini…  look forward to the next exhibition after renovation in july!

big up!!

Worth a look:

Gallerie is an old baths in Berlin Wedding, pics (flickr) are amazing. More Info here:
// STATTBAD Gallery

1th – 23th of May
Gerichtstr 65 // Berlin

Opening times – EVENINGS ONLY:
4th // 19-22h
7th // 19-22h
12th // 19-22h
15th // 21-24h

special opening times on request
private tours on request
Stumbled over it via Berlinpiraten:

Noch bis 16. Mai läuft die Guerilla Art Ausstellung No More Sugar For The Monkey kuratiert von Jochen Küpper in der Stattbad Gallery im alten weddinger Stadtbad.

Gezeigt werden dort in einer abgefahrenen Umgebung bei gruseliger, psychedelischer Atmosphere diverse Fotografien, Licht- und Sound Installationen, Paintings und Stencil-Artworks von ungefähr 30 internationalen Künstlerinnen und Künstlern. Mit dabei sind zum Beispiel auch Gould & Various, Emess, El Bocho, Dolk und Just.


May 11, 2009

i found these animals last year december in the streets of Berlin
some are made of real animal skin and here is the artist: NEOZOON
the material is from vintage coats…yup! nice idea.

Neozone = invase animal, see here some of these:

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