“sharing means caring”

– knowledge is growing when its shared –

This blog should be something like a playground, where I can try out new widgets and stuff. As I’m not a webdesigner, its all about usability and the “easy to use” aspect. This is also a place for you, to get infos bout awesome cool music, new places for digging music; how berlin’s streetart look these days and last not least all the important daily shit..

Just to make sure, you get me right: sharing means caring does NOT mean, I’m uploading music via filesharing sites.  The only way I share music is within my mixes via Soundcloud (not even single tracks!). I want you to find new artist or music out of this mixes.

contact:      barbnerdy *at* gmail.com


2 Responses to “sharing means caring”

  1. gabriel w says:


    ich habe gesehen, dass du einen spotify-acc hast. wäre es echt möglich, wenn du mir einen invite zu kommen lassen könntest?


  2. barbnerdy says:

    Hi Gabriel,
    leider hab ich keine invites. Aber das bringt mich auf eine Idee…
    Greetz von Barbara

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