Stop digitizing your record collection? Access vs. Ownership – Panel for the A2N

August 26, 2010

This panel takes place at the A2N in Berlin, 6th of Sept. 2010 (1:00 PM till 2:30 PM) more Infos after the klick

Helena Kosinski (Marketing Manager, The Nielsen Company)
Christoph Lange (Managing Director simfy, CMO)
Thorsten Schliesche (Geschäftsführer Napster Deutschland GmbH und VP Sales und Marketing Europe)
Tom Nieuweboer (Head of Digital –  !K7)
and maybe 1 more..
Moderation: Barbara Hallama aka BarbNerdy

BarbNerdy Records Records Records...

Records Records Records...

Let’s get together and discuss this:

“Very likely, in the near future, I won’t “own” any music, or books, or movies. Instead I will have immediate access to all music, all books, all movies using an always-on service, via a subscription fee or tax. I won’t buy – as in make a decision to own — any individual music or books because I can simply request to see or hear them on demand from the stream of ALL. I may pay for them in bulk but I won’t own them. The request to enjoy a work is thus separated from the more complicated choice of whether I want to “own” it. I can consume a movie, music or book without having to decide or follow up on ownership.”

Quote from Kevin Kelly in the KK Blog. found in the OpenMusicMedia Blog.

Is this really a future we’re heading towards? And how soon? Today’s reality isn’t quite there yet. After all, as soon as we leave our wifi zone, we have to resort to listening to – or “consuming” – whatever we own, we’ve bought or simply have stored on our hard drives or CDs. We haven’t yet reached the state of complete disconnection from physical media. So, how long will it take until we can really get everything and anything we want from the cloud? What is the state of the art of consumption of creative works?

This session isn’t intended as a ranting against organizations like Germany’s performance rights organization, GEMA, to heckle the major industry. While it is important to show the point we’re at today, my broader focus is on a wider perspective of the future: to show the effect and possibilities, streaming can have on overall sales (in 360° models).

The discussion should also include the “utopia” of selling products with other models like micropayment and pay where you want and how you want on every platform.

Thesis: We would spend much more money if we just would have the possibility.

About here:

For twenty years, I have worked on all sides of the music biz, including 3½ years as editorial director of the small team that made up the German/Austrian iTunes music store. I started right after they opened in Germany/Austria.

Broadly put, my main interest currently is the “Future of Entertainment & Music”. That means looking at the strategies the industry is following and the digital culture that is evolving – and sometimes outpacing the industry. These include streaming services, recommendation sites, music platforms, social networks for sharing music inspirations, and so on. At this year’s Socal Media Week in Berlin I organzied and moderated a panel on the “Future of Entertainment” (see excerpts from my blog) and at last year’s A2N I organized and moderated a panel on the topic of the “Future of Record Shops” (see my review here)

I myself am a proud owner of 15,000 vinyl records and 160 GB of music on my hard drive. I obviously consider myself a collector, but that also means I dig for music just as much on the Internet as I did in record shops – almost on a daily basis. However, one thing has changed: for more than a year I have been subscribing to Spotify, and my behaviour has been altered to the extent that I won’t buy anything, e.g. an “album”, unless I’ve listened to it from beginning to end.

Text translated with a little help from my friend: O.Koehler


Streaming vs. Downloading – a panel for the A2N 2010

July 29, 2010

For this year’s music conference A2N whicht takes place this year in Berlin (September 2010)  I’m doing a panel with the topic: Streaming vs. Downloading.
I’d like to talk with music-people, analysts and users…. More infos soon. Now: brainstorming.

A2N09: “Wie geht es eigentlich meinem Lieblingsplattenladen?”

April 7, 2010

This is the video to the panel: “How is my fave record store doing these days” from the A2N conference in Berlin last year september. All videos and interviews here: A2N

Digital Distributor: Finetunes (Ellen Vorac)
Label: Gomma Records (Manuel Kim),
Record Shop: OYE Records (Marcus Lindner),
Digi Store: Juno Download (Nick Unsworth)
Distribution: Good to Go (Mathias Böttcher),
Moderation: Barbara Hallama

The main goal we achived here in the discussion was that for the first time all parts of the “chain” of selling music where sitting together and exchange future ideas

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “A2N09 – Panel: Wie geht es eigentlich…“, posted with vodpod

Panel zur A2N: Content is King – wo kaufe ich was?

August 21, 2009

Im September findet in Berlin eine Musik Konferenz statt, gleicher Termin wie die früher mal geplante Popkom: 16. – 18. September. . Dort werde ich am 17.09.09 u.a. ein Panel organisieren und moderieren:

Wie gehts eigentlich meinem Lieblingsplattenladen?
Content is King –  wo kaufe ich was?

gehostet + moderiert von Barbara Hallama. Als stolze Besitzerin von 15.000 Schallplatten und 120 Gigs Musik kennt sie aber auch die Nöte/Sorgen der neuen “2.0 Zeit. Als “Editorial Chief”  war sie mit am Aufstieg des Deutsch/Österreichischen iTunes Store maßgeblich mit beteiligt. Seit 1 Jahr berät sie Musiker und Labels in digitalen Fragen.

Das Panel:

Hier wollen wir mal eine Rundumschau machen, welche Genres, Formate sich wo und wie verkaufen. Wie wertig ist denn so ein mp3 im Gegensatz zu ner schönen Box. Wie geht der Vertrieb um mit solchen Veränderungen. Ich kann mich noch erinnern, dass eine Zeitlang das wirklich hässliche Jewel Case genommen wurde, da es “im Handel besser plaziert” werden konnte. Wie sieht das denn nun heute aus? Inwieweit kooperieren Downloadstores mit Vinyls-Läden? (Downloadcodes in jeder Vinyl, Links im Newsletter zu Downloadstores etc…) Zu Wort kommen Plattenladenbesitzer, Digitalvertrieb, Vertrieb, Label und  Künstler

Entstanden ist das Thema hier:

Bereits zugesagt:
Markus “Delfonic” Oye Records Berlin
Matthias Böttcher – goodtogo – Köln (Vertrieb)
Ellen Vorac – finetunes (Digital Vertrieb)
Nick Unsworth – Juno Download UK (DigiStore)
Manuel Derra – Gomma Rec. (München)

The Recordstore, Berlin, Brunnenstrasse

The Recordstore, Berlin, Brunnenstrasse


July 29, 2010

The reason for not posting anything in the last months: I started working at this awesome company in Berlin as a Junior Product- / Projectmanager and right now I’m also the Social Media Lady. And what can I say.. I’m happy! Great company, great people, fantastic projects . I can learn a lot and become a kick ass PM. YEAH!

It was not so easy for me to decide, which way workwise I should go after my job at iTunes as editorial chief was finished. The same job? No way…. Work in the musik biz? Hmm… naa… not really. I worked on nearly all sides in this biz and as it looks like it has to reinvent itself, this was no perspective for me. It takes tooooo long. So I did some freelance jobs, tried to convince lables, artists that the internet is not a bad thing, I tryed to help, some did well some not and some didn’t pay me.  errrgh…

In the same time I started going to all this conferences and barcamps, met a lot of very inspiring people and got totally into the “Internet of Things”. How it works and how it could be. So, I got deep into it and I really wanted to do something with it. Workwise. Not only as a user, reading all the interesting stuff about the future. I wanted to work actively WITH this new technology I’m so happy to be part of. But it took me a very long time to find out, what this “work” should be. So I suffered a lot,  cause of not knowing what to work. I have not studied, I’m not in the twenty’s and of course I’m really bad in selfpromotion.With the help of very good friends, I got my CV done correctly, learned how to write a cover letter and finally I sent out some applications. And so…it comes.

A lot of work is comin up now and there is not too much time left for haning out in the internetz but nevertheless I’m gonna do a panel for the A2N – conference in Berlin about “Streaming vs. Downloading”. Read the next post about it.

Update: me beeing a kickass PM is a bit delayed. I will kill all words which describes my social media skills out of my CV to become the real chance to become a KICKASS Product / Projectmanager. On the hunt again for this…

– attended

May 3, 2010

c/o pop 08/09: Cologne

re:publica 09 / 10: Berlin (April’09: “Head of Organisation”)

w.i.r.e: Speeddating about the Future: Berlin 12.11.09

A2N 09: Berlin (Boardmember + Panelist) Sept.’09

DLD* 10: Munich Jan.’10

SocialMediaWeek: Berlin Feb.’10 (Orga + Panelist)

re:publica10: Berlin April’10

next10: Berlin

DLD* Women: Munich

– participated

March 1, 2010

February 2010: Social Media Week Berlin
I had the great chance to be part of this event – Social Media Week – , which took place simultanioesly in 6 cities all over the world. (NewYork, San Francisco, Toronto, Sao Paolo, London, Berlin). Here in Berlin it was organized by a bunch of great people, who get it done within such a small amount of time. A very inspiring week of social media topics for more than 1000 people live at the workshops, conferences, panels, breakfasts etc… and even more watched it via You can watch all recorded sessions here.
I took actively part on tuesday, where I was responsible for the music and some tech stuff at the Festsaal Kreuzberg.

And had my own session on friday, where I hat some great people around me to talk about:

Social Media will change everything? The experts in this
round will let us have a look into their visions of the future. (Musik, Games, TV)
Alexander Ljung (Soundcloud)
Anna Ufer (Play.FM)
Yousef Hammoudah (MTV)
Sasha Perera (Jahcoozi)
Stephan Bode (Game.One)
Eva Kiltz (VUT Berlin)

Read the rest of this entry »

Pt. 2: Future of Music + Entertainment: Quellen und Links

February 4, 2010

Letztes Jahr zur A2N gab es ein Panel mit Andrew Dubber (New Music Strategies) zum Thema: Music as Culture.
“the 1st thing you have to BE as a band in order to make MONEY is to be AWESOME”  WORD!!

hier wunderschön visualisiert von Anna-Lena Schiller:

DLD 10 – Digital Life Design Konferenz in München:

Ende Januar 2010 hatte ich das Vergnügen an der DLD10 Konferenz in München teilzunehmen. Das ist wohl die internationalste Medien Konferenz, die Deutschland derzeit zu bieten hat. Ich fühle mich sehr geehrt, ein Free-Ticket bekommen haben. Ehrlich. Soviel geballtes Brainfood kann man sich innerhalb von 3 Tagen trotz Internetz nicht zuführen. Bin immer noch dabei, zu verdauen. Anlässlich des Panels hab ich mir grade das Marketing Video angesehen, mit dem Zitat von Steve Jobs: “Don’t listen to your customer,if you would ask he would like to have a faster horse….” zitiert wurde er von  Nizan mansur Carvalho Guanes Gomes.

und im Video zum Thema Strategie: Tom Glocer (Chief Officer Thomson Reuters) über das Ausprobieren von neuen Gadgets: “If you don’t play with the new gadgets, tools you can’t dream the big dream”. Sehr kurzweilig und interessant, wie eigentlich alle Panels, die ich dort besucht hatte.

Social Media Week: Panel “Future of Music and Entertainment”

February 3, 2010

Kaum zurück bin ich schon wieder mittendrin. Diesmal in der Social Media Week, die zeitgleich in 6 Städten, auf 5 Kontinenten und eben auch in Berlin stattfindet. ( Um genau zu sein hat sie ja schon längst begonnen. Am Montag. Über zig verschiedene Örtlichkeiten in der ganzen Stadt verteilt treffen sich Interessierte, Nerds, Werber und Nicht Digital Natives um über alle Facetten des Modethemas Social Media zu reden bzw. was darüber zu erfahren.  Innerhalb von ganz kurzer Zeit mit einem ganz kleinen Team zusammengestellt. Und ich, wie gesagt irgendwie schon wieder mittendrin. Gestern hab ich die Konferenz im Festsaal Kreuzberg musikalisch unterstützt und am Freitag gibts ein von mir moderiertes Panel zum Thema: Future of Music and Entertainment, meine Gäste auf der Bühne: Alex von Soundcloud, Yousef von MTV / Panorama3000 (hat hier schon mal seine Idee vom ZukunftsTV zum Besten gegeben), Sascha von Jahcoozi, Eva vom VUT und Stephan Bode von Game One, ehem. Giga.TV. Ich hoffe natürlich auch auf großes Interesse und gute Fragen aus dem Publikum. Schwerpunkt liegt hier auf dem AUSBLICK und nicht darauf, was derzeit alles schief läuft. (GEMA, GOOgLE & Co.) Es ist ratsam sich ANZUMELDEN, das ganze findet im MTV Gebäude statt und da kommt ja nicht jeder einfach so rein.. hehe.. ES KOSTET NICHTS

Details zur Anmeldung hier

ADRESSE: MTV Networks – Stralauer Allee 6, Berlin 1. OG

Momentan sammle ich Material für meine Moderation und bin dabei   über den Trailer hier gestolpert. Ein schickes kleines Filmchen von Maren Sextro, produziert für die Berlin Music Comission anlässlich der A2N, Berlin Musik Night 2009:

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