Soundcloud / Junodownloads: DJ Mixes

From now on its possible, to add direct links from the DJ Mix to the Juno Download Store and participate on the affiliate program.  It takes a bit of an effort to create the list of tracks (Charts) in the store as the search is killing it. (BTW: Why is it so complicated make a good search?) But once its done, you can link from your mix at soundcloud to to this chart and the people can buy the tracks: (17 available out of 23) More Infos here at Juno

BarbNerdy Oktober Mix 2011

BarbNerdy Oktober Mix Soundcloud / Juno integration


3 Responses to Soundcloud / Junodownloads: DJ Mixes

  1. productor hip hop…

    […]Soundcloud / Junodownloads: DJ Mixes « BarbNerdy[…]…

  2. 3dwebdesign says:


    […]Soundcloud / Junodownloads: DJ Mixes « BarbNerdy[…]…

  3. soundcloud says:

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