The reason for not posting anything in the last months: I started working at this awesome company in Berlin as a Junior Product- / Projectmanager and right now I’m also the Social Media Lady. And what can I say.. I’m happy! Great company, great people, fantastic projects . I can learn a lot and become a kick ass PM. YEAH!

It was not so easy for me to decide, which way workwise I should go after my job at iTunes as editorial chief was finished. The same job? No way…. Work in the musik biz? Hmm… naa… not really. I worked on nearly all sides in this biz and as it looks like it has to reinvent itself, this was no perspective for me. It takes tooooo long. So I did some freelance jobs, tried to convince lables, artists that the internet is not a bad thing, I tryed to help, some did well some not and some didn’t pay me.  errrgh…

In the same time I started going to all this conferences and barcamps, met a lot of very inspiring people and got totally into the “Internet of Things”. How it works and how it could be. So, I got deep into it and I really wanted to do something with it. Workwise. Not only as a user, reading all the interesting stuff about the future. I wanted to work actively WITH this new technology I’m so happy to be part of. But it took me a very long time to find out, what this “work” should be. So I suffered a lot,  cause of not knowing what to work. I have not studied, I’m not in the twenty’s and of course I’m really bad in selfpromotion.With the help of very good friends, I got my CV done correctly, learned how to write a cover letter and finally I sent out some applications. And so…it comes.

A lot of work is comin up now and there is not too much time left for haning out in the internetz but nevertheless I’m gonna do a panel for the A2N – conference in Berlin about “Streaming vs. Downloading”. Read the next post about it.

Update: me beeing a kickass PM is a bit delayed. I will kill all words which describes my social media skills out of my CV to become the real chance to become a KICKASS Product / Projectmanager. On the hunt again for this…


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