My Space…..

The yesterday’s MySpace presentation of  at the SocialMediaClub Berlin made me think about this once super popular plattform for musicians  and how it lost its relevance. I mean it’s still relevant. When I look for a band the best way to get informations about it  is to check them out on MySpace. This is good. But all the social ideas behind it are gone. Its not really possible to communicate with the fans, due to all the spam and “hi, thanks for the add, check out my songs” messages etc… maybe this will happen also to the Facebook Fanpages, but for now, Facebook seems to be the better plattform for interacting with your fans.
The next move for MySpace is to become a streaming service, which is, of course, a good idea. The future of listening to music is streaming. But will it get back all the reputation it has lost due to the lack of usability, screaming banners, spam etc.?

I think the future of social music should be an aggregated platform where the content is coming from all different sources, like here at “musweet” with all its sharing features. But I would like to go a little more further: 1 platform where you can listen, download free AND payed content. e.g. you can watch via a youtube feed a video, listen via a spotify api to some songs, buy physical stuff or just pay for a stream for documentation / movie. I don’t mind to pay, I just don’t want to search on thousands of different websites. I know, it sounds like a dream and we are not really close to this due to the ongoing copyright discussions.


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