Berlin has some great innovations:

Yesterday I was at the Berlin Social Media Club, a small event (100 people only) which takes place more or less regular every 2 months in Berlin. This time the focus was on social music and as I did a panel with a similar topic this year in february I was very curious to see whats going on here. Participations:
Christoph Urban – Director Marketing & Content – MySpace
Samir Barden – Head of Business Development – VZ Networks
David Noël – Soundcloud Evangelist
Sebastian Lindner – Bandmember “Sometree” / Berlin
& Dominik Dreyer – Director Business Development – Universal Music
Lucas Mohr + ?  –
The audience participation was really good. Many questions where raised, some answered some not. But everybody seems to have the same idea about MySpace. Its just not a communication tool anymore but a “Band-Info” page. The most interesting project (next to Soundcloud which I already know and use since years) where presented from to young dudes, a music streaming service called: MUSWEET. It keeps track of what artists and bands publish on the  social web. It’s right now in beta and it comes very close to my idea of an aggregation plattform:

How does it work?

On we’re listing music artists from all kinds of genres.

After collecting basic data we enrich it with publicly available profiles on social media platforms (twitter, facebook, myspace, youtube, etc.). This happens either through Google’s Social Graph API, active research by our editorial team and most importantly suggestions by you, our users.

A distributed network of crawlers retrieves tweets, posts, videos in a realtime fashion and evaluates them.The results then get displayed on the site, for example as “Big Mover” (biggest gain of contacts during a specific timeframe) in a genre, the most popular topic or other interesting bits of information.

Reaching completeness will be a big ongoing goal, but we’re at it. You can help by using the “Suggest an artist” function at the top right of the page.

So, maybe MySpace can offer its service to be the bandinfo behind musweet…hehe…. like AllMusicGuide. The main concern I have here is the truly unsolved and super unhappy GEMA situation right here. They still want to be payed per stream and are not into a flat payment as they do with the radios. It just can’t work out that a plattform like this has to pay for every stream. This situation makes me really angry as it feels like it stops all innovative projects over here. Lets make a riot!!!!

The 2nd project I heard about, is MUFIN, an automated music recommendation engine. It works with digital fingerprinting based technology on the mood of the listener. So if you feel like in a mood for lets say: Feist, it plays all songs from your library which are in the mood of this song. Its a bit like the iTunes Genius. Its all very mathematical and unfortunately the player is only for a pc right now but I’m very curious to check it out as soon as its available for mac.
Here is what TechCrunch wrote about it recently.

So, this is Berlin. While they talk about MySpace and VZ (sorry, I didn’t get this discussion at all, it sounded very odd….) I heard about 2 brand new innovative plattforms. I really like this.


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