Must read: Clay Shirkey: “Rant about Woman” and Dana Boyd’s addition

Clay Shirkeys post “rant about woman” got a really good addition from  Dana Boyd: “Whose voice do you hear? Gender issues and success”

I’m not a big fan of the gender discussion which mostly are about: “poor woman, they have to show their bubs, we need a state-mandated gender balance  etc..” but this articel touched me. Yes, true, its not easy to talk confident, when you are not really feeling it. Most of my life I worked in the mens biz and never felt discriminated cause I’m female. In the DJ  world most of the time, women are complaining that they are  underrepresented but I think its just a matter of so called “Spezlwirtschaft”. (And of course the fact that there are so many more male musicians/DJ’s) It  has nothing to do on 1st sight with beeing male or female. You just need to  have a really good network built around your work / art so that are automatically become a part of a scene. But isn’t the abilitiy to talk confident about your work the assumption of becoming a part of a new network? At least, this made me think and act.


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