Jeff Jarvis: “The German Privacy Paradox” (re:publica10)

The talk I attended was from the very charismatic Jeff Jarvis. (also the author of the book: “What would Google do”. He talked about his recently published blogpost “The German Privay Paradox” where he is wondering about us here in Germans, why we are so scared to loose our privacy in the net but we go naked to the sauna. Maybe I overheard it, but he didn’t talked about the default settings. I remember, when my sister joined FB, i called her and went through the privacy settings with her. Otherwise she would have showed everything to everybody….
At “Themenpark” you can watch an interview with him. Unfortunately the site doens’t allow to embed the video, so you have to click here
Jeff Jarvis added some interesting points to this discussions, mainly its about the difference between sharing and publishing, which seems to be in Zuckerbergs mind quasi the same. But read it here at Buzzmachine: “Confusing *a* public with *the* public”


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