long time no speak….BERLIN BASS MIX

sorry folks, was out on a mission… was booked for a “dj job” on the maldives. (3days a week) YEAH! Had a great time there at Kuramathi Island.

Kuramathi Island - Malediven

Although the “DJ-Thing” didn’t went so good. Imaginge, you arrive to play somewhere and there is no equipment. The only thing they had, is a controller which works only with TRAKTOR. (Im using SERATO)Nobody could tell me upfront what the setup is. (And as I had a booking agency before…I know to ask the right questions —   technical rider my ass) Anyway, I ended up playing my tunes via iTunes (Wiedergabe mit Überblenden, no pre-listening). AND had a fantastic time diving, snorcheling and hanging out in the sun… plus the insider view as I was there as a “normal” employee.

lets get back to normal here with a new MIX from BARBNERDY: BERLIN BASS MIX

I compiled this mix in october for RQM’s new podcast project. Due to some changes (you know how it is…) this got delayed a bit. Nevertheless I wanted to drop this mix now, cause its H.O.T!!

Family Business – Al Haca feat. RQM – Family Business – 4:07
Barbed Wire (Radio) – Jahcoozi – 7:45
Poetry in Motion -Puppetmastaz – The Breakup – 10:50
Jungle Speech – Puppetmastaz – The Breakup – 11:50
Hands in your Pockets feat. Jahcoozi – Knight, Sukh – Cheese Loueez EP – 16:18
I’m so trill feat. Spoek sweat x vx. FS Green Rmx – CLP – Strictly Confidential – -19:15
People are strange feat. Mimi de la Boheme – Robot Koch – – 21:35
Atomic Fusion – RQM (unreleased) – 24:46
Skit: The Breakup – Puppetmastaz – The Breakup – 25:36
Miss Pacman (Oliver Dollar Bassjunk Edit) – RQM – 27:44
Suckerpin – Feadz RMX – Modeselektor – Happy Birthday Remixed Part 3 – 31:49
Let me In – Sirius Mo – The Uninvited Guest 34:22
Miss Taker feat. David E. Sugar – Jesse Rose – What do you do if you don’t – 36:39
Die Rockwurst – Sirius Mo – Body Language Vol. 8
??? Unknown Title – Bomb 20 – 40:08


2 Responses to long time no speak….BERLIN BASS MIX

  1. Pascal says:

    Wo ist deine playlist für mich?

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