Stattbad Wedding – Exhibition: No More Sugar For The Monkey


Great! These guys also did the great Urban Affairs Exhibition last year at the brewery Landsberger Str.

Its more about the location as there is not too much art in. You walk through very dark and tiny corridors in the basement, surrounded by scary noises and darkness with some strob-lights. But the main thing is, and here it comes: its a perfect party location! reminded me about Tresor (yes, the old one). The perfect place for a dubstep!! party. Lets see what kinda music they play at the 30st of may at the finissage. hope not the usual mini…  look forward to the next exhibition after renovation in july!

big up!!

Worth a look:

Gallerie is an old baths in Berlin Wedding, pics (flickr) are amazing. More Info here:
// STATTBAD Gallery

1th – 23th of May
Gerichtstr 65 // Berlin

Opening times – EVENINGS ONLY:
4th // 19-22h
7th // 19-22h
12th // 19-22h
15th // 21-24h

special opening times on request
private tours on request
Stumbled over it via Berlinpiraten:

Noch bis 16. Mai läuft die Guerilla Art Ausstellung No More Sugar For The Monkey kuratiert von Jochen Küpper in der Stattbad Gallery im alten weddinger Stadtbad.

Gezeigt werden dort in einer abgefahrenen Umgebung bei gruseliger, psychedelischer Atmosphere diverse Fotografien, Licht- und Sound Installationen, Paintings und Stencil-Artworks von ungefähr 30 internationalen Künstlerinnen und Künstlern. Mit dabei sind zum Beispiel auch Gould & Various, Emess, El Bocho, Dolk und Just.


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